Our Projects

We establish new fintech business models in the highly regulated world of banking, e-money, payments, and digital assets.

Careful planning can save you time, money, and resources. When choosing Compliance Partners to implement your new venture, you can rest assured that your project is backed up by a dynamic and professional team who will bring your idea to life.

In the planning phase, we ensure the project meets the business requirements, deliver on schedule, and present the expected value. Compliance Partners recognizes that each company is unique, and the advantage of trusting us is that we adapt to your needs to ensure success throughout the project’s life cycle. Compliance Partners is with you from inception to the go-live, and once you are in operation, we ensure your expectations and conformity to the new set-up are met.

Discover Our Portfolio

1. Building an E-Money Institution License from Tech to Fintech

A dynamic modern company with few investors from Sales & Marketing field and other non-finance related businesses.

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2. Product and Risk Diversification and Market Expansion

An experienced licensed financial instituion wants to diversify risks and increase its portfolio of services offered.

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