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IT Infrastructure

Nowadays, everything is possible with technology, and the platform selection is also vast. Choosing the right platforms to fulfil the needs of your clients is key. A wrong decision can lead to financial loss, failure in gaining the position in your target market, and at times, even business closures. You are an expert in your field, and the technology infrastructure should support your idea and not the other way round. Many companies take years to implement systems simply because they have not invested in the initial planning and evaluation.

Throughout the years, our team of experts has not only worked with various systems but was also an integral part of the implementation projects, receiving first-hand experience both with the platform itself as well as the after-sales service provided by the supplier.

With all the competition out there, you need to be on top of the client service, and for this reason, your partners are required to provide you with top-notch services themselves. This is why you may leave it in the hands of the Compliance Partners team to direct you in obtaining the experience, gaining time, and acquiring a reliable and scalable infrastructure, and above all, the technology which gives you the competitive edge over your corporate rivals.


All About Payments

SEPA (DD and CT)


Recurring and batch payments

Payment platforms

Secure accounts

Online and offline solutions

If you aim to provide fast and secure payments for your clients in the EU/EEA and worldwide, we will connect you with the right provider or establish you as a provider yourself.

Regulatory Library and Compliance

We can provide you with a customized policy and procedure for each process or activity within your financial services business.

Operational Flows

If you are not familiar with the correct way of arranging the processes to support the services you provide, we can tailor it for you, ensuring an efficient process. Compliance Partners provides a process flow, data flow, and the software solutions to fit and solve the task. All this is accompanied by professional manuals for your document library and for training and regulatory purposes.

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